Exclusive Apartments and Villas
for your stay and holiday in Lucca

Hi, this is Debora. I am 45 and I was born here in Lucca. I have been living here ever since… I want to live here for ever… travel a lot but always return to Lucca! I know every remote and hidden corners of this enchanted town and its surroundings.

After a degree in business and economics and a long experience in my family company (coffee industry), I'm now happily running my real estate and rentals agency. I mainly deal with holiday and short rentals within Lucca’s Walls but I also do countryside around Lucca, long-term lease and also sales.


This year 2015 I celebrate 10 years of activity. At the beginning, 10 years ago, it was different… nowadays Lucca holiday rentals makets is really overstocked. Competition is very aggressive.. too much aggressive … often unfair … so I strongly guess that the only way to survive is to be very specialized and differentiated offering very high quality service and very high professionalism.

So that’s what I am doing: a tailored rental service made of people who exist, who talk to you, who personally meet you, who stay in touch with you, A customized and real human point of references plus unique properties. For my clients I look for exclusive, upscale and not overinflated properties to offer a real cultural experience in Lucca and not only a touristic spot where to sleep.


It’s very important you know that I personally select all my properties. The agreement with owners is something more than a normal contract. It is a cooperation. We together work to offer our guests the most comfortable stay.
When it is possible – almost always – I stay, live and sleep a couple of days and nights at the place to better understand all the negatives and all the positives. So I can realize what the problems are and what to do to improve main weakness and underline main strengths. This “daily life” experience in the flat together with my deep knowledge of Lucca allows me to give you real advices, suggestions based on a real knowledge and any kind of information you may need before and during your stay.
You can ask me how many knives in the kicthen or how many steps from the front door to the grocer: I know it.


I take care of your stay as it was mine… I do my best to make your time in Lucca as pleasant and as troubles-free as possible. I wish that everything runs smoothly! The less problems you have, the less problems I have.

I offer you a very personalized service from the beginning when you are still planning your dates, to your departure when you will need a help with boarding passes and transfers to airport. You will be never left alone during your stay (unless you wish it!)… My colleagues (or I) will meet you upon arrival, any time, we show you the whole apartment and gives you all the information you may need… about the apartment but also about the nearby and much more. Every property is provided with its own 30 pages book.. of information and suggestions and curiosity. During your stay my colleagues and I are always available with a 360 degrees assistance from “problems solvin”g to simple “questions answering”. We are available over the phone, by email and even personally if needed for any queries, advice, information you may need… and very important: We all live in the historic centre or close so we all are always in the nearby.

I address you to right tour guide, to the right chef, travel agents, language school or cooking class. … Don’ t forget that I was born and grown here in Lucca so I know everybody, any activities, any sites, any corners of this lovely walled town.


I personally take all the pictures you see at my website by my old Nikon D80 and I am not a professional photographer .. So be prepared: when you arrive the property you have rentedt will be better than expected.

I think website pictures must be very nice but not too much nice… otherwise when you arrive you are disappointed. And in order to avoid your disappointment I take pictures of the apartment in its normality without making any special “setting” for the shotting. Yes, maybe some flowers.. and surely I wait for a very sunny day but nothing more…. .. and last thing: no photoshop at all!


I try to do everything in accordance with Italian laws. Prices, payment and booking conditions are those adverted and you will not find any hidden costs nor surprises. There is a rental agreement to sign. There is a small deposit to pay to book your place but I don’ t want to be paid in advance: you will pay the outstanding balance only upon arrival and only after you have visited the house and you have realized that it really corresponds to the advert. I accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Bank Transfer. I don’ t accept payment in Euros cash: the most recent Italian Law “prefers” electronic payments in order to make everything clearer … and I absolutely agree. Also italian law obliges me to ask your passport and personal details and to communicate them to the Local Police Office.. I know it disturbs you… I would like to do without… but I really cannot do in a different way…


I rent self-catering properties only, not hotel nor bed and breakfast rooms. What does Self-Catering mean? It means that so-called “hotel services” are not included: you rent properties with no staff, no breakfast, no maid during your stay. You have rented an house just to have a home … away from home.


I hard work to let you have a very pleasant and troubles- free stay…
But to have everything working smoothly I need something from you:
1 - Keep always in mind that all these properties are the combination of local traditions and personal taste of the owners. The result will be something probably different from your taste and culture… but please accept cultural and architectural and technological differences as main factor of cultural enhancement. That’s the experience.
2 - Kindness and good manners, respect and patience when and if a problem incurs. Everything can happen but everything .. most of the times… can be solved. Being patience, relaxed and smiling always helps.

Thank YOU!!

Ten years spent dealing with so many travellers from all over the word: I have been in contact with the most peculiar, the most extravagant and unusual .. even ridiculous requests… but most of the times I’ve met wonderful and warm people who I’ve learnt a lot from…! … Until now.. it has been an enthusiasmant cultural exchange…
So… Thank you! Debora.